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What is a Laser Gauge?

ils80A Laser Gauge is an instrument suitable for outside diameter measurement, featuring

• Contact-less operation
• High Accuracy
• High Speed


Working Principle

A transmitting unit emits a laser beam that scans at a very high and known speed across the measuring range.

Every object placed in the measuring field interrupts the laser beam and casts its shadow into the receiver.
By measuring the shadow time, the outside diameter of the part can be exactly computed.

In addition to the diameter measurement, by checking other combinations of light / shadow segments, it is possible to measure any other dimension related to the shadow cast by the part.

Signal processing electronics convert time into diameter and dedicated software packages provide additional features like:

  • diameter display,
  • tolerance checking,
  • part sorting,
  • machine feed-back and process control,
  • statistical analysis and reporting,
  • computer interface

What is an Intelligent Laser Sensor?

ils13 pcAn Intelligent Laser Sensor is a Laser Gauge with built in microprocessor electronics, to process the optical signal in order to get the diameter value without using any additional external electronic unit. All measured data are transmitted in a digital format to external units such as a PC, NC or PLC through a standard RS232/RS485/Ethernet serial line.
The basic sensor software installed into the sensor computes the diameter (or the other dimensions selected) and provides data transmission.
More specific functions, such as machine feed-back, tolerance check or statistical analysis are performed by the User’ s external Electronic Unit equipped with a serial interface and suitable communication driver written by the user. Due to their specific features, the Intelligent Laser Sensors are an ideal component for Machine Manufacturers or O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Customers.


The Dedicated Measuring and Control Systems

sistemaIn addition to computing and transmitting the diameter (or any other measurable dimension), the software installed into the sensor can perform more complex functions required by the specific application. Dedicated software displays the diameter, checks the tolerance status and sorts any out of specification part, provides automatic machine regulation, prints statistical reports for Process Control and Quality Certification,
allows the interfacing to external computers and, generally speaking, provides any other performance that is required by the specific application.To provide a suitable interface to the user and to the machine, the intelligent laser sensor can be connected to some external units made by Aeroel, like a Display Module or Operator Interface Panel, etc.

These units have no local “intelligence” and are connected to the sensor through the RS485 serial line: the application software loaded into the sensor drives the external units and sets the overall system functions and performance.

The application software installed into the sensor can be modified / replaced by loading a new package through the Ethernet line: in this way it is possible to guarantee the software correction / up-grading and the remote service

Laser Gauge, Electronic Control Unit and Application Software combine together to build a Dedicated Laser Measuring System, which is suitable to perform complex measuring and control tasks.

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