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The Aeroel Laser Micrometers in the CERN-LHC experiment

Tunnel LHC GinevraThe Aeroel Laser Micrometers are used by CERN – European Organization for Nuclear Research inside the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiment started in Genève (CH).

The Aeroel sensors are used to check the alignment of the collimators and the magnets at section 7 of the LHC and they are mounted on a wagon of the inspection train that runs along a monorail inside the 27 Km of the LHC tunnel. The wagon uses some digital cameras to get the position and the alignment of the collimators/magnets with reference to the wagon itself.

Sensori Aeroel Cern/LHC GinevraThe Aeroel Intelligent Laser Micrometers are used to measure the real time position of the wagon referred to the LHC tunnel, by checking the offset of a reference wire installed along the tunnel. The collimators are needed to avoid “losses” in the particle beam and they are installed in the most radioactive area of the tunnel: this is the reason for using a robot system to perform the alignment check.

The New NO-VAR Technology for the Aeroel Laser Micrometers

Dilatazione termicaThe NO-VAR (NO-VARiation) technology developed for the Aeroel Laser Micrometers allows one to simply get perfect diameter measurements, even in non thermally controlled environments, when the ambient temperature is significantly different from the reference temperature (20°C)

Thanks to this new technology it is possible to get in the workshop or in line, the same results that one would get in a controlled temperature metrology room when measuring any material and even when the ambient temperature is changing by some degree/hour.

You will no longer have to be concerned about frequent gauge remastering operations when the room temperature is changing, nor will you have to take into account part expansion.


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For additional details, please check the NO-VAR Technology datasheet (pdf)

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The new Aeroel systems to check full carbide tools and blanks

Meclab.T40 a misura manualeAeroel introduces the new family of laser instruments to check full carbide tools and blanks, perfect to measure tools with odd or even cutting edges. Ideal to check:

  • End mills
  • Reamers
  • Drill bits
  • Hard metal blanks

Based on the Intelligent Laser Micrometer XLS40, these instruments use a special “zero run out” fixture to hold the part, which can be rotated manually or with a motor driven friction wheel. The application software allows to check the effective cutting diameter and the run-out of the tool, no matter the number of cutting edges, which can be either odd or even. When measuring hard metal blanks, you can get the diameter, the ovality and the straightness.

For additional details: Meclab Tools web-page


New scanning motor for the 480Hz gauges


The previous XLS sensors running at 200 Hz have been replaced by the new sensors running at 480 Hz, based on a new scanning motor using the new Fluid Dynamic Bearing technology, without ball bearings.

In addition, the dimensions of the XLS13XY/480 intelligent sensor have been reduced: now it is the smallest dual axis gauge with integrated electronics available on the market.

The new motor further improves the reliability and the life time of our gauges. Soon the new motor will be incorporated also in the 1200 Hz being now currently manufactured.


New precision slide for the Meclab Systems

Bese di granto e nuova slitta Meclab Aeroel

The new slide for the Meclab Systems uses a granite baseplate and a high accuracy table to hold and move the part to be measured.

Compared to the previous model, the new slide is featuring some important improvements :

  • New “V” groove to mount the fixtures and other accessories. The design of the new groove, compared to the previous “T” groove, allows the virtual elimination of any uncertainty in the positioning of the fixtures.
  •     High stiffness table to hold parts as heavy as 10 Kg.
  •     It uses a precision slide and sliders, to get a smooth and repeatable translation.Nuova base di granito Meclab Aeroel
  •     Lock in the measuring position.

A new series of fixtures and accessories is now available for the new “V” groove.

For additional details: Meclab Systems webpage


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